Victoria has the fastest growing Pasefika community in Australia. With this growth, comes a need for more culturally-appropriate communications, engagement and understanding of these communities. VĀSĀ Consultancy offers a number of programs and services that, in partnership with government departments, local councils and agencies, contribute to the empowerment of Pasefika communities in Victoria.  


As a leader within the Pasefika communities of Victoria, VĀSĀ Consultancy offers consultancy services for agencies and organisations that want to work with Pasefika communities. Our insights and deep knowledge of Pasefika cultures, histories and people makes us a leader in the Pasefika community engagement space.  


VĀSĀ Consultancy delivers Pasefika Cultural Awareness Training for organisations that work with Pasefika peoples and/or their communities in Australia. This course is useful those working in government departments, non-profit organisations, or agencies that interact with Pasefika peoples in one way or another. 

Focusing heavily on Pasefika communities in Australia, it is expected that this course will help participants be aware of Pasefika worldviews, cultures and ways of living for Pasefika peoples in diaspora. This understanding will help clients plan culturally-sensitive projects and events for our communities.  

We offer flexible training packages with a variety of topics and learning outcomes based on client needs. Depending on what is required by clients, we offer –  

  • 2-hour workshops 
  • 1-day workshops 
  • A Series of workshops 

Topics offered in our Training package include (but are not limited to): 

  • Wading in Oceanic waters – Interisland migrations 
  • Early explorers and geographic mapping of Oceania 
  • Nesian labels – Poly, Mela and Micro 
  • Pasefika values and principles 
  • Spiritual realms – traditional and modern-day 
  • Migration in the western world 
  • Modes of engagement and communication 
  • Pasefika Communities of Australia 
  • Challenges of diaspora in the 20th and 21st centuries 

 Our Pasefika Awareness Training is delivered by a Pasefika academic/community leader/creative arts facilitator who utilises a Pasefika approach of sharing and educating for clients.


Pasefika Navigators

As a lead advocate for Pasefika communiites in Victoria, VĀSĀ Consultancy is committed to developing our next generation of Pasefika leaders. The Pasefika Navigators is a youth leadership and advocacy training program that provides a platform for participants to further develop the skills needed to lead and advocate for the community. 

The program is for those Pasefika young people who are passionate about showcasing community strengths, and lending their voices to important issues affecting young people today in Victoria. Mentorship and training is provided throughout the year, with opportunities for the Navigators to showcase their skills in various community projects. 

Meet the Pasefika Navigators on Instagram 

Applications for our Pasefika Navigators 2023 program will open in late 2022.  

Protect Pasefika

This is a community-led initiative that spearheaded the vaccination roll-out for Pasefika communities in 2021. Followed by a communications strategy that was developed by VĀSĀ Consultancy principal advisor, Rita Seumanutafa-Palala, in partnership with the Department of Health (Victorian Government).  

In 2022, VĀSĀ Consultancy continues to lead the way in developing and providing Pasefika resources on topics such as Long COVID, COVID-safety and Gambling Safety & Awareness in partnerhip with various local councils and health agencies. Our developed resources are available for FREE download for Pasefika communiites.